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This part of the historic center of Ostuni dates back to a very ancient time, between 1300 (when the Porta San Demetrio was opened) and 1500, as evidenced by the Aragonese-style towers. Via Bixio Continelli is the official name of the street, but the elders here call it the street of the 7 arches. Count them, they are really 7, and all different from each other, in shape, construction, and type. It is an honor for us to make you live a night among the silent alleys of the old city of Ostuni, its whitewashed walls, the bright geraniums and a thousand mysterious views! In this spirit we have tried to preserve the style and essence of the Apulian houses, without too many luxuries and frills. Only you, and history.

Characteristics of i 7 Archi

Restaurant of i 7 Archi

A rich breakfast served directly in your studio in trays with a vintage flavor. Sweet or savory, homemade, genuine, fresh: ideal for starting the day with a super cuddle! Only € 7 per person. Available from 8.30 to 10.00

The Apartments of i 7 Archi

Monolocale Standard Piano Terra 1 <D'Ambonda>

On Ambonda: A few meters away, carved out of the fresh rock, this studio apartment for 2 people has its own charm, and a double shower in the cave! Double bed, kitchenette with mini fridge, bookshelf.

Monolocale Standard Piano Terra 2 <D Costa>

D'Costa: For romantics and dreamers ... The latest addition, develops its 24 square meters on two floors, connected to each other with a spiral staircase. On the ground floor, French double bed, small library, kitchenette and closet niche. Upstairs, a large bathroom with shower for two people, complete with a small waterfall for cervical massage.

Monolocale Standard Piano Terra 3 <Sotta Sotta>

Sotta Sotta: "Small but sincere" ... In just a few square meters all the charm of an ancient residence used as a guest room! Large French window, large fireplace, kitchenette and mini fridge, bookcase, niche-wardrobe, bathroom with shower, double bed.

Monolocale Con Vista 1 <Grotta>

The cave: With access from Via Bixio Continelli, this elegant accommodation has a double bed, stove, 2 panoramic windows and a comfortable bathroom on the ground floor. With a spiral staircase you come instead to an alcove (basement) with two beds. Ideal for families or small groups of friends.

Monolocale Con Vista 2 <Mienz>

Mienz: Grandma's classic cottage! Pretty and comfortable studio apartment, with a window overlooking the ancient walls, overlooking the Ostuni marina. Kitchenette and mini fridge, bathroom with shower, double bed.

Monolocale Deluxe 1 <Dda rreta>

We called it "Behind" because it is a bit hidden, in an alley that suddenly appears in the white of the historical center. With large and high vaults, carved into the rock, with a large fireplace that smacks of times gone by, a kitchenette, a comfortable bathroom with shower, this studio is ideal for those looking for a genuine experience of life in the village.

Monolocale Deluxe 2 <Sott Allarc>

Sott All'Arc: For Romantics and Dreamers Three steps and steps! From one of the 7 arches of via bixio continelli you can access this large room, bright and elegant, with a double bed, a large fireplace, a kitchenette with mini fridge, a bookcase, a bathroom with shower and also, hidden on a mezzanine, a comfortable third bed .

Monolocale Deluxe 3 <Sus Sus>

Sus Sus: For all those who are not afraid to climb a few more steps! A ramp again, but when you open the door you will find yourself in a nest of white lime with barrel vaults and a panoramic window that looks like a painted picture! French masonry bed, kitchenette, with mini fridge, bookcase, bathroom with exposed shower.

Monolocale Con Terrazza <Studio 61>

Ostuni is not just a medieval historic center; there are still many areas - not very "touristy" - to discover! This studio apartment with terrace is located in the eighteenth century area, has a double bed on a mezzanine and a single bed, kitchenette, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, panoramic terrace. Suitable for romantic couples and small families!

Monolocale Deluxe Con Terrazza 1 <Sus e Sotta>

Sus and Sotta: For romantics and dreamers A flight of stairs will take you to the night area, romantic and bright, with a French masonry bed, a small fireplace, a window, a reading corner and a closet-niche. One more ramp and you will be on the second floor, where you will find the bathroom with a waterfall shower, a kitchenette with mini fridge and a sofa bed. But go up a little, and you will find yourself in paradise through a narrow passage! A small terrace that dominates on one side the white ancient city with its houses set into each other and on the other side our 2 seas: one, of olive trees, the other, deeper, the Adriatic, with a thousand colors: blue, green, blue, light blue. Under the brighter sky that you will happen to look at. Atrrezzato with: shower, solarium with deckchairs, barbeque, table and chairs.

Monolocale Deluxe Con Terrazza 2 <D Rembett>

On Rembett: For romantics and dreamers The largest of our houses, with a romantic loft bed and a comfortable sofa bed in the living room, bathroom with shower, kitchenette, and a splendid terrace overlooking the historic center and the sea.

Appartamento Luxury Con Vista E Terrazza <Suite n.1>

Suite No. 1: The largest of our accommodations, spread over 2 floors and has 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen, a bright living room with a view, an internal courtyard and a large and wonderful panoramic terrace.

Suite 88

Spacious and bright apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, spacious kitchen and panoramic terrace.

Location of i 7 Archi

Ostuni (BR) - Puglia (Italy) - Via Bixio Continelli, 102, Ostuni (BR) - Puglia

How to reach i 7 Archi

In the historic center of Ostuni it is not possible to travel by car, so we advise you to park about 300 meters away, in the public parking lot of Via Francesco Vitale / Via Giosuè Pinto (for a fee with time-band parking meter, FREE overnight) . Once you exit the parking lot, continue along the extension of Via Francesco Vitale, which will lead you under the walls of the historic center. Take Porta San Demetrio and at the fountain turn left into Via Bixio Continelli. Another 50 meters slightly uphill! Our small office is located at no. 102 (in a closed alley on the left). We are not always present, so please call us to tell us that you have arrived (Giorgio 347 6160297 or Graziana 340 7678217), we will reach you shortly.

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